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ShriTilok Jain DnyanPrasarakMandal,Pathardi established in June 1923 under the guidance of Jain AcharyashriRatnakrushijiMaharajsab. Since the beginning of the Institution, It has been working under the valuable guidance of Jain Acharya and devoted social worker Rashtrya Saint 1008 ShriAnandRushijiMaharajsahab played active role in developing our institution. Now Shri. Tilok Jain DnyanPrasarakMandal has Ten branches, which are working actively in their area. All members of governing body are good in academics and they have keen interest in developing institution. Our college was established in 1991 at Pathardi which is located in rural area of Ahmednagar district on non grant basis.

In those days there is need of science faculty because such facility was not in pathardi. By considering need of students management have started science faculty with special subject's physics, chemistry and subsidiary subject botany, zoology and mathematics. After that in 2001 Arts faculty have been started to provide opportunity of education to students Our institution work in an environment of global competitiveness. We are sensitive to changing educational, social and market needs to gear up, to promote ambience of creativity and innovativeness. We are always trying to adopt quality management strategies in all academic and administrative systems for the contemptment of students and community. The college is catering to needs of the rural students who inspire to become graduates and post-graduates. The college strives in achieving all round development of students particularly in the context of new challenges. Provision of quality will be the key elements in all the endeavors. The college has been serving the people from rural and backward area and stands out as an center of excellence in providing quality education for empowerment, progress and rural development'. Self Study Report for Re-Accreditation Undertaking of Principal

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The Primary responsibility of college is to develop the center of higher learning and research . To create, innovate and transform ideas of education for the youths and the nation . Higher Education make students confident, productive and  more responsive for every decision and action to be promptly oriented.



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